Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself about using Buaala. We will be adding and updating this list with all those doubts that you may have in the time. Also, you can write to us to and we’ll be happy to answer you.

Content is not loaded!

Buaala needs Internet connection. Check your connection.

The application goes very very very very slow

This is very rare, because we have built the application so that it does not consume many resources. Check the memory of your device.

What version of operating system do I need to use Buaala?

Buaala is available on smartphones and tablets. We have optimized the application to work for both iOS and Android in all its versions and different devices.

There are many things I can’t use within the application, why?

To enjoy the application to the fullest you have to be identified with one of your social networks. In this way, you’ll be able to use all the options Buaala offers you, get personalized suggestions, meet people with your same interests, etc.

Can I watch contents in Buaala?

Our function is to help you when deciding what content you want to see and offer you a place to entertain yourself with the content while you are watching them. In Buaala at the moment you will not be able to watch anything more than some film trailers and videos, but you will not reproduce directly the contents.

The application is sending me many notifications

By default, we understand that you want to know everything about the content in which you want to receive alerts. You can adjust what type of notifications you receive and how often from your profile.

I do not like that you have so much information about me, I want you to erase my data!

We do not want people dissatisfied with our services. Log out in Buaala and send us an email to requesting your withdrawal and that you want us to delete your information. We will do it as soon as possible.

What information are you getting from me?

It is best that you read the privacy policy at Privacy Policy. All the information we collect we use it to suggest better content and offer you a completely personalized service.

What do each of the different icons in the content?

The best way to learn how to use Buaala is … using it! Do not hesitate and interact with all the content you want. Visit your profile and you will see how it is getting completed with each action you do.

Are Amazon content also displayed? Why does Amazon appear?

In addition to personalized entertainment content, we also suggest products that suit you at any time and related to your favorite contents so you can purchase them. Every time you do, we’ll take a commission.

How often are the contents of the application updated?

Buaala connects almost in real time with all content providers. If something is not up to date, let us know! Surely they have not updated it, but we will keep it in mind.

The inspirer does not succeed too much

Buaala works best if you help him get to know you. Identify yourself with as many social networks as you can, brand content you like, share them, discuss them, create challenges with them, … All the leads you give to Buaala it will help us to suggest content that best suits your tastes.

Why are not the contents of Filmin, Total channel, Flooxer or other content providers?

Little by little we will include more content within Buaala. Very soon there will be that provider that you miss so much.

What is the button for the Not interested me?

If you mark a content as that does not interest you, we will understand that we never have to suggest it to you again and It will help Buaala to know what type of contents are completely getting away from your profile. Use it as much as you want and Buaala will be much more useful to you.

What is the difference between the three types of filters? (SPEAKING THE FILTERS)

You can ask Buaala to suggest content only for you, and even taking into account your entire environment will prioritize the results for your individual consumption. But, if you use the filter “WITH FRIENDS” you can also ask Buaala to suggest contents that are related to your friends, or that your friends may like, for group consumption. With the filter “CUSTOMIZED TV” you can choose the distributors of content (HBO, Netflix, Movistar …) that you are most interested in or the subject you prefer: cinema, series, sports … And, finally, with the filter “TIME “You can ask Buaala to suggest products depending on the time you have (30min., 1 hour …)


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